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Know Your Investments Workshop

Have you ever wanted to know more about the investment industry and your investments?  Join us at our educational packed workshops held in various locations throughout the west Michigan area.  The workshops are held in a small-group setting where your questions are highly encouraged and are hosted by Fred Iacovoni and Tyler Kotlarz.  

Topics Covered:

  • Differences of the fiduciary standard versus suitability standard
  • How to understand a prospectus
  • How different investment products operate
  • How financial advisors get paid
  • Why products may be recommended
  • How to figure the costs of a portfolio
  • How to tell if your portfolio has your best interest in mind
  • The different management techniques (active versus passive management)

Upcoming Classes:


To register, follow the sign up links above.  If there is no available link above for the date your interested in please contact Synergy Wealth Management directly to register by phone or email us at [email protected]