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The Two Standards of Product Recommendations

There are two general standards of when it comes to a product recommendation, the Fiduciary Standard and the Suitability Standard.  With the majority of the industry operating under the Suitability Standard, your interests may not be put ahead of the advisor or advisory firm.  At Synergy Wealth Management, we have legally bound ourselves to uphold the Fiduciary Standard.

Fiduciary Standard

This standard states that the advisor must put the client's interests first and foremost.  The advisor must work to minimize conflicts of interests, and provide full and fair disclosure if any conflicts arise.  The products recommended could reasonably be proven to be the best possible solution for the client's needs.

Suitability Standard

This standard states that the financial professional seeks to provide products that are suitable for the client based on income and net worth, along with investment objectives, risk tolerance, and other holdings.  By definition, this type of advice may or may not ask the advisor/broker to put the client's interest ahead of their own.